Opening up new possibilities with investment alternatives


Individual investment objectives cannot be achieved through standard solutions, but rather through innovative, standard-setting approaches.

How can changes in the financial market be made into opportunities?

Both financial markets and the regulatory environment have been subject to major changes in recent years. The long lasting low interest rate environment, customers seeking investment alternatives both in liquid as well as Private Markets, constantly developing investment regulations thanks to the increased need for transparency and risk management, fast developing ESG considerations are just a few challenges which must be considered. After nearly 15 years in the market, we have extensive experience and knowledge, enabling us to draw up sustainable solutions for our customers’ specific challenges. We understand the current changes as opportunities – for us, and for our clients.

Long-standing expertise in asset management and innovative access solutions

Our innovative concepts and strategies open up the potential for new current and future market scenarios. With an attractive combination of different services, Prime Capital covers the most important aspects of Alternative Investments. The company combines long-standing expertise in asset management with well-wrought access solutions. These include risk management and securitization, as well as the provision of access to alternative investments through funds or customized investment platforms.

Up-to-date infrastructure for cutting-edge investment solutions

Our state of the art infrastructure enables us to provide pinpointed solutions for highly complex investment requirements. This also includes the selection of asset-managers, the outsourcing of certain defined asset management areas as well as the entire outsourcing of asset-management. In doing so, we constantly strive to create valuable customer relationships, always remaining mindful of the great challenges of capital markets, as well as regulatory and fiscal requirements. Our solutions are based on deep knowledge and profound expertise in fields such as Solvency II, Risk Guide, Basel III and beyond, AIFMD, Investment Tax Act (German InvStG), changes in IFRS accounting, and others.

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