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January 20, 2021

Our employees come from over 20 nations, and vary in age, gender and unique personalities. This diversity opens up new perspectives, approaches and opportunities for us every day. What unites us is the pursuit of common goals.

Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt)

Prime Capital is committed to an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment that values talent on the basis of merit – regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and belief, sexual orientation and identity, or physical ability. That is why we signed the Diversity Charter in May 2021.

Under the Diversity Charter, we will:

  • Cultivate an organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation of each and every individual. We create the conditions for managers and employees to recognize, share and live these values. Managers and supervisors have a special obligation in this respect.
  • Review our HR processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees and our performance standards.
  • Recognize the diversity of society within and outside the organization, value the potential it contains and use it to the benefit of the company.
  • Make the implementation of the Charter a topic of internal and external dialog.
  • Inform our employees about diversity and involve them in the implementation of the Charter.

We are convinced: Living diversity and valuing this diversity has a positive impact on society in Germany.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative by employers to promote diversity in companies and institutions. German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is its patron. The initiative aims to advance the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in organizational culture in Germany. More than 3,000 companies and institutions have already signed the Diversity Charter.

More information on diversity management and the Diversity Charter is available at

Employee Benefits

We care about the well being of our employees and next to an attractive salary and verbal appreciation, we offer our employees a wide range of benefits.

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