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Ten years of Prime Capital – A leading independent manager of alternative investments in Germany celebrates its anniversary.

April 29, 2016

Prime Capital AG (“Prime Capital”) is celebrating its anniversary in April 2016. Over the last ten years, the company, founded in Frankfurt by Wolfgang Stolz in 2006, has become one of the leading independent managers of alternative investments in Germany. “What distinguishes Prime Capital from other providers is, first and foremost, the fact that it offers the important combination of content and investment vehicle from a single source. As an asset manager, we advise clients in the areas of absolute return, infrastructure – including renewable energies – and private debt. We provide the implementation, by way of various, frequently tailor-made investment vehicles (e.g. Luxembourg fund and securitisation platforms, operating companies, among others), as a supplementary or as a separate service”, explains CEO, Wolfgang Stolz. Prime Capital today manages assets of some EUR 5.4bn (as of the end of the first quarter of 2016). More than 50 staff in the Frankfurt head office, as well as in London and Luxembourg, manage these assets in the following sectors:

Leading name for absolute return and hedge fund investors – “With assets under management of around EUR 4bn in classic hedge funds and liquid alternatives, Prime Capital is one of the first ports of call for German investors when it comes to selecting, consulting on and monitoring absolute return strategies”, says Wolfgang Stolz. The flagship fund, PCAM Blue Chip Ltd., has recorded an increase in value of 83% (7.4% p.a. with an average volatility of 5.3%) since it was launched in October 2007, and has been awarded more than a dozen international prizes as the best European fund of funds. Launched in September 2015, the Gateway Target Beta UCITS fund also provides access to this accumulated expertise, but in a daily and liquid way.

Important investment manager for renewable energies – In the area of renewable energies, Prime Capital currently manages an invested volume of more than EUR 500m. Further commitments of around EUR 300m are in the investment phase. “From the very beginning, we put our faith in a broad diversification across various key European countries, different technologies and compensation systems, as well as a dedicated portfolio management team”, says Wolfgang Stolz, explaining the investment strategy. “We haven’t just realised classic Luxembourg fund solutions in the implementation, but have also provided investors who are subject to the regulations of the Solvency II Directive with efficient access via operating companies and capital structures.”

Pioneer in bank sourcing for private debt investments – In the area of private debt, the company currently manages an invested volume of almost EUR 700m. Further commitments of more than EUR 600m are in the investment phase – in the current environment of low interest rates, this asset class is the most rapidly growing sector. “Prime Capital has established itself as an intermediary between banks and investors. Through the disintermediation of classic asset management, the company enables an efficient implementation in the spirit of partnership in this ongoing period of low interest rates”, explains the company’s founder. The programme for secured aircraft financing, which was originally concluded in December 2013 and stocked up at the end of 2014, and which has a total volume of USD 480m, has set a new standard on the market.

“In recent years, we have certainly benefited from the persistent decline in interest rates and from the broadening of what is understood as an alternative investment – many of our assets are no longer so alternative today, but are a fixed part of the investment universe for most institutional investors. While pursuing this course of growth, I am delighted that we have been able to put together an excellent international team, upon which I and my colleagues on the Executive Board can rely.”


About Prime Capital
Prime Capital AG is an independent financial services provider and asset management firm, focusing on institutional clients. The company specializes in Alternative Investments, in particular in Absolute Return, Infrastructure Investments and Private Debt. Prime Capital was founded in 2006 and currently employs 55 people in Frankfurt, London and Luxembourg. The company’s regulators are BaFin in Germany, CSSF in Luxembourg and FCA in the UK. As per 30th of June 2016, Prime Capital has around EUR 5.1 billion Assets under Management, managed on various platforms.

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