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Prime Capital and alpha portfolio advisors together launch new Absolute Return Multi Advisors UCITS Fund

September 07, 2017

Frankfurt, 7th of September 2017

Prime Capital AG, in cooperation with alpha portfolio advisors GmbH, has launched the Absolute Return Multi Advisors Fund “Prime Alpha Multi Advisors UCITS”. The fund is a focused combination of selected absolute return strategies from different fund managers that are managed in separate segments. The targeted annual return is 4% with a corresponding volatility of 3 – 5% and a very small beta to the equity market. German institutional investors have seeded this new UCITS fund with EUR 135m.

Prime Capital and alpha portfolio are able to combine their respective strengths when selecting the different absolute return strategies: Prime Capital provides their outstanding expertise in selecting offshore-strategies, while alpha portfolio uses its strength in covering the UCITS universe. As a result, the new fund seeks to combine the most attractive elements of on- and off-shore absolute return strategies.

Michael Billmann, managing director of alpha portfolio advisors GmbH stated: “The Prime Alpha Multi Advisors UCITS Fund selects absolute return strategies regardless of the fact whether they are disposable as UCITS funds or not. Due to this approach, we are not only able to extend our diversity of managers and strategies, but it also enables us to provide an attractive fee structure and to show a maximum transparency on single position level. “

Dr. Werner Goricki, CIO of Prime Capital AG, outlines: “When it comes to portfolio construction, the Prime alpha Multi Advisors UCITS Fund applies the same investment philosophy as Prime Capital since the company’s foundation in 2006, which accounts for three strategic tracks in the absolute return segments: value, divergence and convergence. We believe that this approach will enable us to achieve long-term attractive absolute returns with little correlation to the equity market. I am pleased that together with alpha portfolio Prime Capital was able to expand its product line by an additional UCITS fund.”

The Prime alpha Multi Advisors UCITS Fonds is compliant to VAG (German Insurance Supervision Act) as it consciously avoids exposure to instruments with a rating lower then B-.


About Prime Capital
Prime Capital AG is an independent financial services provider and asset management firm, focusing on institutional clients. The company specializes in Alternative Investments, in particular in Absolute Return, Infrastructure Investments and Private Debt. Prime Capital was founded in 2006 and currently employs 65 people in Frankfurt, Luxembourg and London. The company’s regulators are BaFin in Germany, CSSF in Luxembourg and FCA in the UK. As of July 2017, Prime Capital has approximately EUR 10.1 bn Assets under Management, managed on various platforms.
About alpha portfolio advisors
alpha portfolio advisors GmbH counsels institutional investors in Germany, Switzerland and Austria regarding asset allocation and asset manager selection. Founded in 1998 the company executed about 90 manager selection processes with a respective volume of EUR 6.5 bn in the past 5 years. The volume of additional institutional umbrella fund mandates counselled by the company together with dynamic asset allocation mandates reaches a total of EUR 1.7 bn, which makes alpha portfolio advisors one of the leading investment consulting companies in the German-speaking area.

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