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New Prime Capital Liquid Alternative Credit Fund: Value creation through credit niches with attractive risk-return profiles

August 03, 2020

Frankfurt, 03rd August 2020

  • Focus on diversified niche credit strategies, such as trade finance, specialty lending and other niche credit strategies
  • Consistently high returns and low volatility across uncorrelated sub-strategies
  • Strong collateral protection: Underlying investments typically senior in the capital structure

Prime Capital AG, the independent asset manager and financial services provider that manages €17.2bn across multiple funds, is launching the Liquid Alternative Credit Fund, a new fund of funds, beginning of August.

This fund of funds will be pooling alternative credit strategies like trade finance and real estate bridge financing. It will invest in 15 to 20 underlying funds which are diversified globally with a target split of around 1/3 in North America, Europe and Rest-of-the-World, respectively.

“These strategies provide – similar to hedge funds – advantageous liquidity in contrast to other forms of private debt. They have strong levels of tangible collateral (e.g. ~LTV of up to 60% in the Real Estate space). At the same time they provide attractive expected returns, mostly due to underlying complexities. The universe is very fragmented, investments are hard to source and managers have a low level of institutionalisation. The individual funds require a very targeted and carefully coordinated selection”, says Tilo Wendorff, managing director of the Absolute Return team at Prime Capital.

PCAM Liquid Alternative Credit will be launching in August 2020 and aims for an annual net return of 7-9% with a volatility of approx. 2%. It starts with an initial capital of approximately USD 30 million, based on the subscriptions from three seed investors.

“Our PCAM Liquid Alternative Credit offers institutional investors efficient access to a broad and robust strategy mix with clear return targets”, explains Dr Werner Goricki, board member and CIO. “It makes a universe of small niche managers and strategies investable which would otherwise be very hard to invest. PCAM Liquid Alternative Credit is therefore suitable for stabilising and diversifying portfolios with very low beta to the traditional credit market. The fund is another example of our many years of successful expertise in putting together risk-return-optimized portfolios with alternative investments”, Goricki added. Prime Capital’s senior team combines 40+ years’ experience and has a proven, excellent track-record in Alternative Credit and fund of funds management.

The New Liquid Alternative Credit Fund expands Prime Capital’s absolute return offering and follows the highly successful PCAM Blue Chip and PCAM Select, both focusing on offshore hedge funds.

It has the legal form of a Luxembourg SICAV-RAIF, charges a management fee of 0.5% p.a. and carries a performance fee.

An investment in Prime Capital Liquid Alternative Credit Fund is reserved for professional investors within the meaning of Annex II of the Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFiD II). The Fund may not be distributed to retail investors within the meaning of Article 4 of the Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFiD II).

About Prime Capital:


Prime Capital AG is an independent asset management firm and financial services provider. The company specialises in Alternative Investments, in particular in Absolute Return, Infrastructure, including Renewable Energies and Private Debt. Furthermore, the company offers Asset Management Outsourcing and Access Solutions. Prime Capital was founded in 2006, currently employs around 100 people in Frankfurt and Luxembourg and is regulated by BaFin and CSSF.

As of March 2020, Prime Capital has approximately EUR 17.2bn Assets under Management, managed and administered.

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