Alternative Services


Since 2007, we have been offering fully customizable services to a diverse group of investors and alternative investment fund managers, in order to address and solve their needs both efficiently and effectively.

We are a leading platform provider for Alternative Investments with licenses from both the German regulatory authority BaFin, as well as the Luxembourg regulatory authority CSSF.

AIFM Services

To satisfy our clients’ regulatory requirements mandated by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), we offer various services, including portfolio management, risk management and valuation functions through our Luxembourg-based subsidiary, Prime AIFM Lux S.A., with a clear focus on alternative investment strategies.

Due to our team’s deep expertise in private markets, valuation, legal and structuring, we are able to cater to the different requirements of our third-party investment managers in order to realize and implement their desired alternative investment strategies. While they can fully concentrate on their investment process, our team is pleased to assist with the required non-investment functions stipulated by AIFMD.

As an independent company, we are committed to helping each client succeed through the entire life cycle of their project.

Our customized services also cater to institutional clients who require direct access to Alternative Investments. Our solutions include the creation of note structures, asset ring-fencing and other bankruptcy remote structures as well as other regulated or unregulated vehicles and funds that effectively securitize or provide dedicated access to a wide variety of Alternative Assets.

Whether they are internal funds or funds from external managers and irrespective of the fund sector – i.e.– such as private debt, infrastructure, real estate, private equity and hedge funds – we are able to provide more efficient access to such Alternative Investments across our platform.

We listen carefully to our clients and are able to provide customized solutions to address specific requirements, including general investment eligibility, tax transparency, Solvency I & II considerations, or other special reporting requirements.