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July 20, 2020

Investment Advisory & Solutions – Traditional and Alternative Asset Classes

The low interest rate environment is an ever increasing challenge for insurance companies and pension plans, as well as corporate investors. In order to meet their investment objectives, investors are forced to broaden their investment strategy and incorporate alternative asset classes such as infrastructure and private debt. However, investing into alternative asset classes successfully, requires specialized expertise and significant resources, which can often only be provided efficiently by an external partner.

All factors at a glance

Prime Capital’s Investment Advisory & Solutions offers a solution to cope with this challenge:

  • Investment strategy advice (SAA, including model calculations)
  • Tactical Asset Allocations (TAA) framework
  • Comprehensive portfolio management, including SAA and TAA implementation
  • Manager selection for traditional and, in particular, alternative asset classes (incl. secondary market funds)
  • Diligent portfolio and investment monitoring
  • Comprehensive manager reporting, segment analysis and market intelligence
  • Mandate implementation in special funds (incl. launch of vehicle and preparation of investment guidelines)
  • Optional: efficient implementation of alternative investments on Prime Capital’s established investment platform (long standing processes guarantee a smooth and efficient implementation)
  • Comprehensive performance and risk analytics on a portfolio level customised for each client

For regulated investors we offer additional customised services:

  • ALM Advice (including model calculations)
  • Income steering and Solvency Optimisation
  • Regulatory reporting (e.g. Bafin Prognoserechnung, Bafin & EIOPA stress test, Solvency II, VAG)

All processes and controls performed as part of the Investment Advisory & Solutions service are certified according to international standards (ISAE) by external auditors. The existing certification serves the investor as proof that within the legally defined outsourcing controlling, all services are performed correctly.

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