Prime Capital Company Profile


Prime Capital starts today the fundraising for a Credit Opportunities Fund

6 July 2015: Since establishment of the company in 2006, Prime Capital has invested in multiple Credit Opportunity Funds. We are now making this expertise available to professional investors| more |


Prime Capital expands its innovative aircraft private debt programme

26 Feb. 2015: Our secured aircraft debt finance programme launched in December 2013 received further commitments which will increase it to USD 480mio. | more |



Prime Capital offers to structure and execute securitisation transactions in a cost-efficient way via the bankruptcy remote issuance vehicle PCAM Issuance S.A., Luxembourg. | more |


Best multi-strategy fund of hedge funds

16 April 2015: For the fourth time, PCAM Blue Chip Ltd. has been honoured as best multi-strategy fund of hedge funds in Europe by HFM.  | more |