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Prime Renewables acquires operating 6 MW wind farm in Brandenburg

05/22/2014: The investment consists of three Vestas V90 turbines with a total capacity of 6 MW located in Kasel-Golzig, 80 km south of Berlin, with a constant production since commissioning in February 2007| more |


Best FoHFs in Europe

As of 21 November, for the fourth time in a row, PCAM Blue Chip Ltd. has been honoured as Best diversified Fund of Hedge Funds in Europe by HFR. | more |



Prime Capital offers to structure and execute securitisation transactions in a cost-efficient way via the bankruptcy remote issuance vehicle PCAM Issuance S.A., Luxembourg. | more |


Prime AIFM GmbH licensed

02/03/2014: Prime AIFM GmbH, a subsidiary fully owned by Prime Capital AG, has obtained from BaFin the license to manage Alternative Investment Funds (AIFMD). | more |